Spe Meliore Μoriendi


Visual artist Marios Fournaris presented on Sunday 30 April the interdisciplinary work/action entitled Mystery 92 Spe Meliore Moriendi in the garden of the Old Railway Station of Elefsina. An inter-artistic synergy of visual art, performance art and music in collaboration with musicians Georgia Balabini and Mislav Režić.

The work brings to the fore the ephemeral nature of human existence through the counterpoint of symbolic representations of the mythical world and the Renaissance. The artistic proposal includes three parts: the sculptural environment, the performance and the music. The sculptural installations of Marios Fournaris, which refer to nature and the compositional dwelling structures of the pre-linguistic world, conceptually compose the framework of a transition to the intercultural and transhuman value of Myth through the element of the Other, of the Non-Western. The aesthetic effect of the sculptural compositions appears as a juxtaposition to the conceptual content of the context of English Renaissance and Baroque music included in the concert programme. Georgia Balabini and Mislav Režić present a musical work that goes beyond the boundaries of classical composition by combining voice and electric guitar, an instrument more familiar from rock or jazz music. The musical program, consisting of works by John Dowland (1563 - 1626) and Henry Purcell (1659 - 1695), is presented in a new contemporary light by using various guitar sound effects, loops and improvisations of voice and guitar, which run according to the program, interconnecting the performed pieces into a continuous structure.

Between the visual and the musical part of the work, based on the libretto of Henry Purcell's baroque opera Dido and Aeneas (1689) (text rendered in Greek by Panagiotis Adam), Manolis Mamalakis (direction), Danae Giannoulaki (costume and masks) together with the participants in the action, create an improvisational theatrical event with a contingent character. The dilemmas posed in the plot of the play, between love and betrayal, progress and tradition, the destruction of the "old world" and the creation of the "New Troy", are transferred to the natural triptych cycle of creation - destruction - rebirth of the celebration of the Mysteries, in order to awaken a new consciousness of man's relationship with himself, nature and society.