Innovative projects to bolster local cultural heritage assets.

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How can the raw material of human experience become works of contemporary artistic creation?

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Visualizing and highlighting archaeological sites through an innovative multifunctional technological system that introduces visitors to the cultural product through interactive experiences.

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Chorus / Eleusis Arch. Site & Museum / Acropolis Museum

Concept development and project realization on behalf of Chorus (NPO).

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An ecomuseum highlighting local cultural heritage, focusing on the experiential aspect of cultural tourism.

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Athens Exclusive Experiences with Mastercard

Designing experiential thematic experiences with focus on Greek culture and philosophy.

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“Get to know the city” (of Eleusis)

Routes inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Eleusis

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European Animation Competition “An animated EUphoria”

Organizing an animation competition for Eleusis 2021 in collaboration with Animasyros.

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Synikismos Festival 2019

Web design and social media management for the Synikismos Festival 2019.

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“Culture 2030” Meeting

Is Art a Capital?

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Creation and development of multiple cultural and artistic events to celebrate the Exodus of the Sacred Town of Missolonghi.

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Eleusis 2021 / European Capital of Culture

Marketing and communication of Eleusis 2021 / European Capital of Culture.

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5th International Heritage Management Conference

Funding plan and communication strategy for the HerMa conference in Athens and Eleusis

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