Corporate Team-Building Activities

Alternative cultural experiences to strengthen personal and professional skills.

The dominant model of tourism, which is based on inclusive packages and predictable approaches to the monuments leaves a large part of the audience indifferent. Visitors follow their tour guides at archaeological sites without enthusiasm or any real desire to participate, while the information they receive is more often than not limited to a dry presentation of dates and facts.

At Mentor we strive to provide an alternative and authentic experience that highlights the most essential aspects of the ancient Greek and Byzantine civilization, in order for people to understand their connection with the contemporary world. We are constantly looking for new and unique perspectives that breathe new life into the monuments and bring out the stories of people who once lived with them. Such perspectives transform the city or the countryside into a scene of lived experience.

We organize activities that draw inspiration from history and archeology, philosophy, theater, art, sciences, pharmaceutics and diet, mythology, the environment and sports. Specialized scientists and passionate guides accompany us on trails off the beaten track and explore topics we have never encountered before. Mass tourism leaves us indifferent. Our projects aim for a positive and long-lasting impact.

Participants have the opportunity to cultivate and improve their personal and professional relationships in a casual environment that encourages the development of a wider range of soft skills such as teamwork, networking, socialization and public speaking.

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