Web Development

We are your digital partner with the experience to develop technically complex, yet user-friendly and functional websites.

We apply our knowledge and experience to extend the capabilities of WordPress CMS. We develop effective, high-performance web pages that meet the key criteria of a powerful, professionally designed application with a focus on security, extensibility and easy maintenance.

Mentor will be with you every step of the way, either from a design perspective, by using customizable themes based on your preference, or from a functional perspective, by using plug ins and headless apps.

Why WordPress

WordPress is a free and open source software that works as a content management platform (CMS), written in PHP and MySQL.

It is used by 31% of the top ten million websites and it is constantly being developed by a community of volunteers.

WordPress is a versatile and customizable software, which, by using state-of-the-art technologies, has an important role in the development of online platforms for huge brands such as News UK, TechCrunch and USA Today.

Unlike most CMSs, WordPress is an open source software, so it may be used by anyone for free. It also benefits from continuous improvements by anyone in the world, encouraging multiple viewpoints and a variety of problem-solving perspectives. The open nature of its codebase makes WordPress one of the most controlled and secure pieces of software in the world.

The team of Mentor includes members of the core WordPress community (Core Contributors), who regularly help to address security and functionality issues.

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