01/10/2023 - 31/12/2023

Website and 3D virtual tour of Pityos, Chios


Design and development of a 3D virtual tour using a digital 3D imaging camera for the main points of interest of Pityos.

Pityos 360° is a 3D virtual tour of the village of Pityos in Chios, aiming to help the audience understand its spatial layout and provide information through text for the scattered points of interest. The 3D virtual tour for Pityos is accessible from the website and is offered in two languages, Greek and English. It incorporates informative texts and archival documents about the points of interest. Pityos 360° is accessible both online, by remote or hard-to-reach audiences, and during the visit, using portable devices to follow the route and move from one point of interest to the next. To capture 3D imagery as part of the Pityos 360° implementation, the Pro3 3D Camera by Matterport was used. 

Design and development of a tourist and cultural promotion website for Pityos.

The tourism and cultural promotion website of Pityos aims to promote the attractions, history, customs and traditions, as well as the activities of Pityos Destination. A section of the website includes, among other things, Pityos 360°. The website is bilingual (Greek and English), with the possibility of adding a third language in the future. It is accessible to people with disabilities according to the WCAG 2.0 standard.