Chorus / Eleusis Arch. Site & Museum / Acropolis Museum

Cultural Events

Concept development and project realization on behalf of Chorus (NPO).

On the occasion of the temporary exhibition dedicated to the Greater Mysteries of Eleusis that was held at the Acropolis Museum, the non-profit organization Chorus, in collaboration with the Archaeological Site & Museum of Eleusis and under the auspices of the Acropolis Museum, organized in the spring of 2018 a series of thematic tours called “Discovering the Eleusinian Mysteries”. The activities consisted of educational tours that allowed children and adults to recreate and experience the sacred rituals and the events associated with the grand procession that carried the initiates from Athens to Eleusis.

The role of Mentor is to find viable solutions for the successful execution of the multilevel cultural projects Chorus aims to deliver. We strive to implement the ideas of Chorus in a way that appeals to the largest audience possible, either through the low cost of participation or through activities accessible by vulnerable social groups.

In this context we are responsible for the strategic planning and the development of marketing strategies and advertising campaigns. We identify potential sponsors and funds that will enable us to implement the projects, while also dealing with event logistics.