Research Projects

A Horizon project that activates local communities in co-envisioning and co-designing sustainable and innovative solutions for public space and heritage sites.HERITACT introduces innovative and inclusive architectural and design solutions as well as cultural-artistic practices to support environmental and cultural sustainability and to strengthen the cultural and creative industries through community awareness and policy making across European urban areas of different scales and cultural settings.

14 partners from 5 EU Countries (Universities, Research Organisations, SSH Experts, Architectural Studios, SMEs, Municipalities, Cultural Organisations).

9 solutions, 7 digital tools

Pilot locations: Eleusis (Greece), Milan (Italy) and Ballina (Ireland)

MENTOR is in charge of community engagement activities for co-designing, evaluating and testing the proposed digital tools and new technologies, coordinating activation events, stakeholder analysis and engagement plans and communication of HeritACT solutions and practices in Eleusis.GENERAL CONCEPT

Working on HERITAGE NETWORKS: Promotion of collaborative governance of cultural development and participative activation strategies.
Working on EXPERIENCES: Establishment of the link among heritage and people combining multidisciplinary expertise and real-life/virtual experiences.
Working on HERITAGE ACTIVATION SOLUTIONS: Development of innovative design and architecture solutions for the activation of European heritage, being inspired by NEB principles.
Working with COMMUNITIES focusing on INCLUSION: Creation of engagement pathways that ensure optimal levels of inclusion.
Working with ‘PARASITIC’ STRUCTURES: Redefinition and reconfiguration of existing urban/natural infrastructures providing a new perspective to the community.
Working on COMMUNITY SYSTEMS: Use of System Dynamics modelling from the early stages of the collaborative design process.