Creation and development of multiple cultural and artistic events to celebrate the Exodus of the Sacred Town of Missolonghi. Exodus is a very ambitious project intended to transform the commemoration of the heroic Exodus of Missolonghi into an international institution with the active participation of the fourteen honored countries (through their embassies, academic institutions and schools), as well as the contribution of the United Nations, Amnesty International, various European foundations, TEDx, and international celebrities.

The implementation of the project required a strategic plan that included a comprehensive proposal with an expansive five-year cultural, educational-academic and artistic content. The purpose of the proposal is to take advantage of the cultural assets of the Sacred Town of Missolonghi, to establish networks and utilize international relations, and to promote the sustainable development of the city by investing in outward-looking communication strategies.

The project is designed to encourage the academic community and intellectuals to address the concept of freedom and develop an osmosis of ideas, opinions, and trends with contemporary issues and historical developments.