Cultural management

Cultural productions
From ideation and design to production organisation and coordination, MENTOR aims to highlight our cultural heritage in a modern and experiential way, by engaging local communities and enhancing local sustainable development.

• Festival design
• Cultural events
• Artistic productions
• Event management

Concept development
• Ideation/concept
The role of MENTOR is to find and implement sustainable solutions to successfully carry out multilevel cultural projects and actions.
• Project design
• Project management
We develop marketing strategies and advertising campaigns and ensure the finding of sponsors and resources for the implementation of projects. At the same time, we take care of the necessary logistical support and their smooth operation.

MENTOR collaborates with research institutions, University institutions in Greece and abroad, as well as with companies of technological development and digital media to create proposals for research projects.

• Research programmes

• New technologies in culture

• Promotion and enhancement of archaeological sites through innovative technologies and applications

• Digital media

• Development of ideas