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Mentor was created by a team of young professionals active in the field of culture, entrepreneurship, new technologies and digital communication, with the aim to contribute to the sustainable development of local communities, through the promotion and capitalization of tangible and intangible cultural assets, and contemporary artistic creation. The key tools we employ to realize this vision is the use of innovative strategies and applications in the context of cultural management.

Mentor has been recognized as one of the most innovative Greek companies in the “egg” entrepreneurship competition powered by Eurobank. Our portfolio includes projects for some of the largest cultural organizations, institutions and festivals in Greece.

Mentor aims to support and strengthen communities with untapped cultural assets, with the ultimate goal of assisting them to become self-sufficient through the proper identification, management and utilization of their comparative advantages.


We offer cultural heritage management services, with particular emphasis on local communities and long-term sustainability.

Adáma – Citizens’ views on local environmental challenges.

In the open discussions that took place within the framework of the project “Adáma”, which has been implemented in Eleusis by the cultural production and management company MENTOR …

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Adáma - What are the main environmental challenges that Eleusis is facing?

The first phases of the project "Adáma" - sustainability in the hands of the community", involving research on the environmental issues of Eleusis, experiential discussions and soc…

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Adáma – The importance of participatory processes

Lately, the issue of the quality of current democracy has increasingly been the subject of public debate. Leading thinkers point out that the inability of the political programmes …

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Adáma – The World Café as a method of public discourse and participation

The third phase of the project Adáma-sustainability in the hands of the community, carried out by the cultural production and management company MENTOR as part of the EIT Community…

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